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  • Satellite and drone image processing
  • Development of environmental variables
  • Crop and forest monitoring
  • Big Data and image classification

Geographic Information



  • Urban and land planning
  • Analysis and assessment of natural hazards
  • Transport and communications
  • Studies on land dynamics

Production of topographic and thematic cartography

  • Topographic cartography
  • Thematic cartography
  • Touristic cartography, both in press and electronic formats
  • Development of touristic guides
  • Routes signalling
  • Online cartography and web mapping services

Information and Computer Technologies

  • Process automation
  • Software development
  • Simulation models

Implementation and Assessment of Rural Development Programmes

Design of rural development plans

Assessment of rural development programmes

Capacity building

The link between COMPLUTIG and the University of Alcalá, together with our own teaching and scientific experience, allows us to offer tailored teaching and capacity building programmes on geomatics and cartography.

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